How To Spot A Bad Realtor

You can’t be naive when getting into real estate investing. Someone will always try to suck more money out of you than they have to - if you let them. If you or someone you know, has been burned in real estate before and are more than hesitant to get into real estate investing, here is my advice to you. Know what to look for… Obviously, you want to make sure that the broker or the investment specialist you’re dealing with is professional, trustworthy, reliable. Be sure to ask

US. vs Worldwide Real Estate

Today, I am going to give you a bit of perspective. Those wanting to invest or currently investing in the United States don't know how good you have it. There should be minimal hesitation when investing here and here is why... I started working as an agent in Carmel-Monterey CA which allowed me to go back to Israel and continue as a broker and franchisee at the most successful Remax for 8 years. The goal was to help people from all around the world to invest successfully in

Volunteering = Best ROI

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business person, an investor or just holding a normal job, it’s highly recommended to get involved and volunteer in the community where you live in and help your community members as much as you can. There are plenty of needs in every community where you can help. It could be the local church or synagogue, an elderly home, a hospital, the local library, or even a school. For those whom actually find the importance of being active in the commu

A List of Everything You Need To Invest

Whether you’re a professional investor, beginner, full time or part time investor you need other people’s help to accomplish your investment goals and meet your financial needs and wants. List of Things You’ll Need Proper leverage the deal (and construction companies) to do the necessary repairs efficiently and inexpensive possible. find you the best deals possible in the market Property Managers... Real Estate Attorney...from time to time to go