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Volunteering = Best ROI

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business person, an investor or just holding a normal job, it’s highly recommended to get involved and volunteer in the community where you live in and help your community members as much as you can. There are plenty of needs in every community where you can help. It could be the local church or synagogue, an elderly home, a hospital, the local library, or even a school.

For those whom actually find the importance of being active in the community, it’s important to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Do Without Any Expectation of Return.

  2. Do it to help because it’s the right thing to do. What goes around comes around.

  3. Building Lasting Relationships.

  4. Volunteering and being active within the community builds trust and reputation in your goodness, skills, and even business expertise. Developing strong communal relationships can come in handy when one day, you find yourself needing help.

  5. Huge ROI

  6. Just like organic SEO, vs. Paid Ads - Organic traffic might take more time but it’ll essentially save you a lot of money and you’ll become known in a more natural way rather than by spending lots of dollars.


It could be that you have a certain talent, or a profession that’s very much desired in any community, like painting, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry etc. You could for example donate a few hours of your time or your crew’s time to help the community. Some elderly people don’t have the means to pay a professional to come fix a broken pipe in the house, or paint a dirty old wall. It could be that you are a handy man so you could volunteer a few hours a month to fix different issues. Some people volunteer to deliver food to the needy people, so all they have to do is to pick up some bags of food from a local restaurant or bakery and deliver to homeless people who can’t afford to buy a meal.

Back in the day, before I started my real estate career I owned my own landscaping and gardening business. Even after I sold my business to a local gardener, I still kept it as a hobby and I’d grow some flowers and herbs in my little garden. So quite naturally when we relocated to The Bay Area I was looking to volunteer some of my time to the local synagogue, redesigning the garden, planting new plants, trimming trees and bushes etc.

On the business side, since community members get to see me often, they start asking me about my occupation, and when I tell them that I’m a real estate investment expert and that I own my own company, they either show a sign of excitement or curiosity and most likely would like to know more about me and about my business.

Some of them have already told me that they would like to connect and perhaps start investing with me.

Through being engaged in the community I’ve learned that it’s much easier to make true and authentic friendships. That helps boost both the social, spiritual and economical aspects of life which are essential to create a more balanced, healthier and wealthier life.

So my suggestion to you is to first open your calendar and allocate a few hours a month just for community service. Then, contact your local church or any other public service provider and ask if they are looking for help and that you’d like to volunteer. And lastly, keep contributing and never stop, make it a habit and very soon you’ll find yourself connected to new people and even get addicted to doing so.

Good luck!

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