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How To Start Investing Without Having Any Money

Your real estate investment program can begin right now. Get started. Don’t be discouraged. Each individual’s financial situation will vary. You are still in college and have not saved any money; there’s a way. If you have your own business and/or have some capital to invest; there’s a way for you. Each one of you can find your unique way to get out of the rat race. Don’t work for your money. Get your money to work for you.

I am a true believer that everything is possible; as long as you are willing to learn, stay positive, are highly motivated and persistent enough to clear the hurdles and the obstacles that will come your way.

This chapter’s objective is to teach, encourage, guide, but principally to inspire the reader to take that initial step.

My story

At the age of 22, immediately upon completion of my three years of mandatory service (as a paratrooper) in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), I arrived in the U.S.A. for the very first time. It was a hot July 6, 1986. I had come from Israel with $500 in my pocket and enough English for a simple conversation. I had no formal college education, or degree, or trade. I did have tons of motivation. I was going to make it in The Land of Opportunity.

The first few months were a culture shock. Everything felt too big compared to what I was used to in my small country. At times there were so many new things, it was overwhelming. Different food, cars, license plates, television and radio programs, habits and more.

Now I will tell you how I went about and dragged myself out of my comfort zone. Not to merely survive, but to thrive and be a successful young man. First of all, I had to be very pragmatic. I took almost any job I was offered and had to be a quick study and be good at it (no complaining). I was grateful for every opportunity I was given. I had to work hard, be creative at work and stick to a very tight budget. Avoid tempting places, where I could waste my very hard-earned money (bars, clubs or fancy restaurants). I needed to save money every month and put it aside for future business investments like real estate or perhaps a college fund. That is what I recommend for you, if you intend to walk a similar route on your journey.

At first, I worked at my Uncle Jacob’s store in Georgetown, Washington D.C. selling men’s suits. What an overwhelming experience. I had never had to wear a suit in my life and didn’t have any idea on how to approach or talk to the customers that came in. Eventually I sold a shirt or a tie, but that was not enough for me to make a living. However, a couple of months later my uncle bought a very old movie theater right across the street from the clothing store. He wanted to convert it to a jewelry centre. My job? Demolish the interior. Now, there’s something I could really do with joy and, in the process, release all the frustration accumulated while selling clothes most unsuccessfully.

It was very hard work with very little pay, but I decided to focus on the pros instead of the cons. Firstly, I was able to keep my body in good shape swinging a sledgehammer all day long. Secondly, I took part in a big project and had the very important job of demolishing the interior of an old building so it could be repurposed and thirdly I was given a great opportunity to show gratitude to my family for helping me take my first steps in the US. I was able to actually give something back.

The moral of the story is simple. In order to succeed, you must be ready to make concessions. Things are not going to be easy or necessarily go well. You must be mentally tough to keep doing things you don’t necessarily like for extended periods of time. Keep going, till you reach your next objective and start all over again. Begin your next journey.

You will need to recognize opportunity when it comes your way. Opportunities are there all the time. Don’t be scared to do things you’ve never done before. Be brave! Take some calculated risks! Have faith! Think positive! That is the only way!

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