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Is this a good time to invest in real estate?

There is so much uncertainty in the real-estate world because of the COVID-19 Virus and it is no surprise that people are holding off from purchasing investment properties. The experienced real estate investors are still looking for deals in a volatile market like this one. Why?

There are various types of opportunities purchasing a brand new home because: 1. Low Risk in losing the property. 2. Demand for rental properties is very high while supply is low in good markets. 3. At 20% down payment there is positive cash-flow or break even with great appreciation. 4. Take advantage of the Tax Benefits.

Therefore, the long term rental properties is a great rewarding strategy for patient investors who are looking to take advantage of all of the benefits resulting in this strategy: Cash-flow, appreciation and tax right-offs. Don't stop investing in rental properties because of the Corona Virus, this is the best time to invest!

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