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It's Now Or Never!

The famous song “It’s Now Or Never” by Elvis Presley is referring to a romantic encounter but could also relate to other walks of life. It has to do with the mindset of capturing the moment and living your life to its fullest. It has to do with understanding that life is precious and sometimes it would be a lifetime opportunity that could be easily missed and never show up again…

Apparently for some people procrastinating is a way of life. These people are never in a hurry to accomplish anything, not a dream, not a wish, not a desire and not a plan. This kind of behavior has to do with fear of course, but overcoming this fear could lead to a very meaningful and satisfying life.

In my long real estate career I’ve met people who have achieved everything they dreamed about and desired. They had a huge drive to get where they wanted, had a plan in place and never gave up regardless of the hurdles, problems and challenges they faced along their way to success.

On the other hand I’ve met so many people who kept waiting for the “right timing” and the “perfect deal”.

A few years ago while in a vacation in NY City, I took a cab from Manhattan to Brooklyn. The cab driver named Fred and I had a nice conversation about life. Apparently he was in his 70’s and I was shocked to learn that he had never been in any other state out of New York , and that he spent most of his life between Manhattan and Brooklyn…

When I asked him for the reason why, he told me that he has no clear answer to my question and that he probably got used to his job and lifestyle and his life just went on like that.

He asked me what do I do for living, and when I told him I was a real estate investments expert, he told me that to his disappointment he has never purchase a home or any other investment property.

He also said that there were so many opportunities to buy along his life but something always stopped him from making the move and stepping forward.

I can imagine that there are millions of people like Fred that have the same behavior pattern, mindset, attitude and thought process. It might be that they didn’t have the right guidance and and are simply afraid to make mistakes.

To me making mistakes is essential in order to become successful, without them there’s no way one could achieve anything in life. Mistakes are the stepping stones if you like, they are the stairs to get to the top of the mountain.

When looking to invest in real estate, it’s important to understand that it’s never “the perfect timing”, it’s never “the best deal”, it’s never “easy and simple”.

You could always find an excuse why not now, but if you want to make progress in your life, to secure your financial future and freedom and enjoy passive income, you have to have the mindset of “It’s Now Or Never”!

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