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Keep in touch

“Let’s keep in touch”, you hear people saying this to each other very often, but do they really mean it?

In today’s business world and environment I believe it’s more important than ever to keep in touch with your family, friends, colleagues and clients.

People nowadays are very busy with so many things that they forget to call and show interest.

It’s getting very hard to get someone over the phone, since most people don’t pick up the phone, they’d rather text or email each other.

These ways of communication are not as good as the good old days calling and speaking. When speaking over the phone you get much more than texting, the intonation and the emotion that passes through the voice is very important and irreplaceable!

As part of my daily business routine I call my clients up to see how they’re doing. I don’t care much whether they can answer or not. This way I show them how important they are to me and they show a lot of appreciation in most cases.

Though I'm selling real estate, in actuality I'm in the PEOPLE'S Business!

Most people love the fact that someone is sincerely showing interest in their lives.

Some of them are surprised to get a call from me since they are no longer used to this communication method…

As far as I’m concerned, keeping in touch with my clients as well as my family members and my colleagues is essential in order to establish a long term relationship that is very rewarding in so many ways.

Put on your calendar to call up at least one person a day, I promise you that over time it will show unbelievable results.

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