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The meaning of Value

Statistics show that most people get up in the morning for a job they don’t like and have no passion for. They mainly keep these jobs since that’s the only way they know to pay their bills. Only a small percentage of society gets up in the morning for a job or business they love and have passion towards. Most 0f these people are motivated not only to pay their bills but also they enjoy the fact that they can bring value to their customers, clients and patients. Focusing on value rather than money is essential to having a meaningful life and career. Yes we are all in need for money in order to survive, but question is are we looking to just survive or also thrive. If you pay attention to the elevator speeches that entrepreneurs and business owners carry, you’ll find out that most of them use the word HELP in these speeches. They truly understand that the main reason why they are providing these services and products is because they are focusing on other people needs and wants. They are doing what they are doing to help others understanding that if they provide enough value then they would be able to fulfill their own needs plus be more content and have a meaningful life. That is the ultimate goal in order to be successful, by not focusing on the end result which in most cases means MONEY but focusing on VALUES and at the same time enjoy the lifestyle you are looking for. Off course, this is the long way but also the best way. Take also into consideration that your clients are smart enough to notice that your focus is on them. If you’re only focusing on your own good they will know about it sooner or later, which will ultimately ruin your reputation... So what kind of value are you bringing to your clients?

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