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Why is it so important to write a book?

A couple of years ago I’ve finally made a decision to go ahead and write my first book. I was passionate about this idea for about 10 years but never before had the guts to do it.

Before actually writing, it took me a while to think what kind of messages I’m looking to pass to my audience and who would be my audience.

My book “Invest Smart, Invest Right” is an autobiographical presentation of one man’s determined journey through the world of Real Estate. It is truly a model to “Start Investing In Real Estate”. The book is highly readable, addresses concepts in terms that are easy to understand and concepts that are easy to apply. True to its form, it will guide you through the pivotal concepts of this specialized market. To be successful, you must study, be persistent, realistic, and critically reflect on results or shortfalls.

One of the main reasons to write this book was to inspire the young people who are starting their way in the real world to start investing in their early days. In my 30 years career in the real estate industry I’ve met so many people in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who told me it was too late for them to start investing and that it’s too bad they didn’t have anybody to guide them early on when they were much younger.

Another reason was to give people enough knowledge to understand why it’s so important to invest in general and in real estate in particular. So many people have no clue about the variable advantages of investing for the future to secure their financial freedom and how it could advance them in life in so many ways.

Quite frankly this book helped me a lot to get more credentials and get my career excel even higher. It has been proven over and over again that people tend to believe what they are reading much greater than what they are hearing.

And lastly, I really wanted to give back to society. I’ve learned so much through all of those years in the business, made ton of mistakes and success stories so why not share with people?

I believe that sharing is critical to make life better both for the taker and for the giver!

So what is your story? What are you willing to share to make this world better?

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