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Here at New Dawn Investments we're dedicated to help our friends, clients and colleagues overcome this underrepresented crisis. We are happy to assist you get through this difficult time in order to secure your financial freedom! Please feel free to contact me directly for any questions you have regarding real estate investments and general financial questions: #Financialfreedom #Realestateinvesting #Rentalproperties #rentalhomes #Realestatecrisis

How To Spot A Bad Realtor

You can’t be naive when getting into real estate investing. Someone will always try to suck more money out of you than they have to - if you let them. If you or someone you know, has been burned in real estate before and are more than hesitant to get into real estate investing, here is my advice to you. Know what to look for… Obviously, you want to make sure that the broker or the investment specialist you’re dealing with is professional, trustworthy, reliable. Be sure to ask

US. vs Worldwide Real Estate

Today, I am going to give you a bit of perspective. Those wanting to invest or currently investing in the United States don't know how good you have it. There should be minimal hesitation when investing here and here is why... I started working as an agent in Carmel-Monterey CA which allowed me to go back to Israel and continue as a broker and franchisee at the most successful Remax for 8 years. The goal was to help people from all around the world to invest successfully in

Investing Without Money

You can invest in real estate right now. Get started. Don’t be discouraged. Every individual’s financial situation will vary. Some Are College Students ...many have not saved any money. Yet there’s a way. Some Are Business Owners ...and have some capital to invest. There’s a way for you too. Each one of you can find your unique way to get out of the rat race. Don’t work for your money. Get your money to work for you. I am a true believer that everything is possible; as long a

Questions to Ask When Investing In Real Estate

Risk management plays a huge role when investing in real estate - whether the risk is for a big or small purchase. Disregarding the amount of risk taken in a deal may end up as a mistake that will cause a loss of money and reputation that could be very hard to recover. Therefore a professional investor has to take the time to assess the potential risks involved, consider if it is a risk worth taking, and determine if there’s a consistent amount of reward that can compensate t

Solutions to Worries & Stress in Real Estate Investing

Purchasing a property whether if it’s for living purpose or for investment purpose is probably the most expensive and valuable asset a normal person is likely to buy in his/ her entire life. In the process of buying a property, the actual closing in particular could be very stressful experience and make some people feel anxious.Some of these people may even get cold feet at some point and cancel the deal even though it might be the home or the deal of their dreams. Purchasing

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