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The Triple Winners

There are multiple ways and strategies to invest in real estate. Some people like to flip houses and hopefully enjoy a quick return on their investment, others like to buy notes and others, like myself, like to invest mainly in single family homes for long term passive income strategy. I’ve been investing in single family homes for long term passive income for the last two decades, this strategy comes with many other benefits. When it comes to investing in long term passive income real estate one should consider all of the benefits and advantages. At New Dawn Investments we call them the Triple Winners… 1st Winner: Positive Cash Flow The first winner is the positive cash flow coming from the rent after deducting all of the expenses involved in owning a property or as realtors call them PITIM in short: P = Principle - The portion of the mortgage that has to be paid off on a monthly basis. I: = Interest - The Interest portion of the mortgage that has to be paid off on a monthly basis. T = Taxes - Property taxes that are assessed by the city and the county. I = Insurance - This is the liability and structure insurance coverage. M = Management - that is the property management expense paid on a monthly basis, and in most cases would vary between 8-10% of the monthly income. HOA = Home Owner Association - most communities nowadays are maintained by these associations in order to keep a clean and meticulous environment in the community. The cash-flow remaining after paying all of these expenses is divided by the down payment paid to buy the property. The resulting number is called Rent ROI (Return On Investment). 2nd Winner:Equity Accumulation The second winner is the equity accumulated from paying off the monthly principal portion of the mortgage and the appreciation resulting from the increasing value of the property. 3rd Winner: Tax Benefits The third winner is the tax benefits. These are all of the tax write-offs like the interest portion of the mortgage (that’s why we recommend taking a mortgage in the first place), the property taxes, the property management, the insurance, the accounting and bookkeeping expenses related to the property, traveling expenses related to the property etc. Being a Triple Winner makes for a very sweet long term income that you don’t have to worry about at all. New Dawn Investments specializes in making sure all clients are triple winners New Dawn Investments LLC has helped hundreds of individuals create portfolio of properties for long term passive income. This concept was able to not only secure those investors their financial freedom and improve their life-styles, but also achieve their dreams and goals. We provide a hands-free package deal that includes finding the property (off market deals in most cases), financing, property management, insurance, accounting and more…Visit our website or Email Me at for more information or if you have any questions! Shalom!

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