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The Four Phases To Achieving Your Goals

Since the dawn of human history, people have been achieving tremendous achievements and progress in almost endless subjects and fields that have been improving our lives on the planet. Especially in the last 100 years, we have seen huge developments in agriculture, medicine, transportation, industry, technology and so on and so forth.

All of these achievements and developments have a common thread - they have one unique source. They have all started as thoughts in people's minds.

Thousands of books and articles have been written about theories that describe the process of being successful, to get what you might need or want. People tend to understand words and sentences like “desire”, “law of attraction”, “manifestation”, “meditation” and more. But unfortunately, the majority of the people are reluctant to understand how this process truly works and even more so are having a hard time implementing these theories and putting them into action.

In this blog, I hope to get you to understand how these methods work but also how to make it simple to implement so you could ultimately get all you want from this life as long as you follow the instructions precisely and adequately.

Phase A- Desire

You have to have a true desire to achieving something in your life. it might be that you’re looking for the love of your life, a college degree, your dream home, a car, becoming a billionaire or any other achievement, goal or material. This desire is an outcome of your imagination and thoughts. Thoughts are the beginning of actions and creations and without them, we would have nothing in this world. All the trees, the animals, the roads, the houses, the cars and even human beings, these were all created and initiated from thoughts first.

Before you start the process, make sure it’s something that’s really possible for you. For instance, a handicapped person probably won’t be able to become an NBA basketball player. It’s very important to define between wanting and needing. A need is much stronger and profound than something you just happen to want. The universe has a tendency to provide needs much better than wants because of the different energy that’s involved behind each one of them. When someone is hungry (a need) they are more likely to find food than someone who is not that hungry. A person can’t run 10 miles if he or she has not even completed one. Though both could be achieved if there’s a true strong desire to achieve them!

It’s almost crucial that you imagine what you desire in a very detailed and specific way in order to get what you really desire. For instance, if it’s your dream home, imagine yourself sitting in the living room, the type and color of the furniture, the kitchen setup, and cabinets, type of lighting, perhaps you like a pool, a big backyard with a beautiful green lawn and flowers etc. Be very generous with yourself and think abundance, don’t worry about how you are going to fund or find this home.

It’s important to note, that all of our thoughts are the outcome of our emotions (feelings), that means that we feel something in our body before we start thinking. For example, we feel hunger before we think about food, then we imagine the food and then we go get it. So the process is as follows: Emotion-Thought-Desire-Action.

Your thoughts are a form of energy that could be converted into any need or material using the power of desire and manifestation.

Phase B- Conflicts of Interest

One of the reasons why people don’t experience success and do not achieve their goals and dreams is because they don’t have clarity and suffer from a conflict of interests.

This is a key factor and without it, the likelihood to get what you desire is very slim if any.

For example, a parent of 3 little children that wants to become a surgeon, a position that requires 10 hour shifts in the hospital but in the same time want to spend time with her kids during the day and enjoy raising them is very likely to fail achieving her career goals since obviously these 2 desires are in conflict.

Make sure you have maximum clarity and that you don’t have a conflict that will prevent you from moving ahead to achieve your goal.

You also have to have faith in the process, faith in yourself that you deserve what you desire, and faith in the Universe (GOD if you will) that has created all of that we sense with our senses (see, feel, hear, taste and smell). People who have faith in themselves and in GOD are much more likely to achieve and even experience more “miracles” in their lives.

Phase C- Put it in Writing

Apparently, it might not be enough to have a desire, a thought or a dream in order to get what you want out of life. Putting everything in writing on a daily or weekly basis would ensure you have more clarity. For example, one of the reasons why people are putting agreements in writing is because that makes them more valid than just a verbal agreement or a handshake. Interestingly enough people believe what’s written more than what’s said or heard.

Therefore make sure to write everything that you desire at least on a weekly basis.

When you write, think about all you want for yourself and for the people you care and love and include the following subjects:

  • Relationships and family

  • Career and wealth

  • Health and fitness

  • Materialistic (home, car, furniture etc.)

  • Spiritual (To be peaceful, reduce anger and frustration, to be more compassionate and more)

These subjects should create more balance in your life and will make it easier for you to keep manifesting and achieving more things into your life.

Phase D- Take action

This is the phase that a lot of people are mistaken about. Many think that the desire for itself should be enough. Though it could happen that by desiring itself one would achieve his/her goals that would be rarer and less likely to happen vs. taking action and start putting things in motion.

Just by being very hungry and have a desire to eat doesn't necessarily mean that the food will come to you effortlessly. You must put some efforts towards achieving your goals or else it might not happen or will take forever to get accomplished.

Make a plan on how you’re going to achieve your goal step by step, measure by measure while you keep imagining what you want.

For example, say you want to purchase a brand new car that you really like and desire and costs $24,000. You have a clear picture of that car, the interior and exterior colors, the type of engine etc. and you even imagine yourself driving the car taking your friends for a ride. Currently, you don’t have the funds to buy it but you have a job that produces a salary that pays your bills but not enough to make savings. One way to save would be to take a side job that will produce an extra $1000 a month so it’d take 24 months to save up towards your dream car.

That same method could be applied to any other types of goals that you’re looking to achieve whether materialistic or emotional or spiritual.

To those of you who want to have a more profound understanding of these methods I highly recommend reading the book “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

I also recommend listening to “The Science Of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles.

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