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Benefits Of Using Drones For Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography has taken some big leaps forward in recent years. Photography technology, in general, has evolved leaps and bounds and real estate professionals have found new ways to incorporate into their business to draw in more potential buyers.

One of the main innovations in real estate photography we’ve seen is the use of drone photography. Drone photography obviously provides a pretty unique view compared to other types of real estate photography, so let’s go over some of the benefits you can reap from incorporating this exciting new technology into your game as a real estate agent.

  1. Create Compelling Imagery

As a homebuyer, flipping or scrolling through hundreds of photos of homes from the same angle can become a bit monotonous eventually. If you want to stand out from the rest of the listings, using drones is the perfect way to do so. There’s nothing that catches the eye like a breathtaking aerial view of a beautiful home and it could be just the edge you need to attract potential buyers.

  1. Provide a Better Angle for Certain Features

Sometimes a ground-level view of certain features just isn’t enough to truly showcase their potential. With drones, you can put an eye in the sky and catch that backyard swimming pool, walking trails, expansive yards, and more from the best angle imaginable.

  1. Give Virtual Tours

Photos are great, but imagine being able to give buyers a virtual tour of your home before they even get in touch with you. This is far and away the number one benefit of drones in real estate and it has changed the game completely. A virtual tour provides a much more personal feel to the experience of checking out a home, and the convenience of the process is invaluable.

  1. Save Money

Aerial photography has been around longer than drones have, but it used to be really expensive because you needed a helicopter to utilize it. Helicopters are much more expensive than drones, and not as maneuverable. This is another way in which drones have revolutionized the real estate photography industry.

  1. Make Yourself Look More Professional

Using drone photography is going to improve your image as an agent. People are generally attracted to the “latest and greatest” wherever they might find it, so by providing them beautiful aerial views and virtual tours, you send a message that you are at the top of your class when it comes to selling homes.

This will not only help you sell your current homes, but draw more buyers and sellers to you because they’ll see you as a beacon of professionalism.

Drone Photography will Boost Your Sales

When you take into account all of these benefits, it’s pretty clear that drones are a must-have in today’s real estate game. Whether you rent or buy, utilizing this amazing new technology is guaranteed to boost your profile and help you sell your homes faster. Get the edge on your competitors with an eye in the sky.

Corey Tyner is the owner of Phoenix Fast Sell Home Buyers and We Buy Land Arizona. He is one of the top real estate investors in Arizona with over a decade of experience. His work has been featured on Bigger Pockets, Real Estate Agent Magazine, and several other real estate investor publications.

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