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Follow Your Passion

Every business owner and professional has a story to to tell about how they started out.

It’s always fascinating to me to learn about people’s passions and what triggers them to start a new journey and business journeys in particular.

There are so many reasons why people start a new business. Some people feel that they can no longer work under someone else, they want to be fully independent and at any cost.

Some people want to achieve a lifetime dream, they believe their life would be more meaningful doing so.

Whatever the reasons, it’s always interesting to hear their stories.

As to my own story and how I started my real estate investing business.

From 1997-2005 I was a Re/max Franchisee of 2 leading real estate offices in Israel. Quite honestly after 8 years running the agencies very successfully, I was fed up helping agents out. I found my passion was wheeling and dealing transactions. I always liked the negotiating part of every deal, I like the creativity you have to bring to the table in order to close a deal. I like the idea of being able to overcome obstacles and problems and actually helping people buying and selling properties.

In the recent years I found my new passion which is Helping People Secure Their Financial Freedom Utilizing Real Estate.

This is the reason why I founded New Dawn Investments.

I developed a very unique turnkey concept where my company is providing a full package deal. This package includes analyzing markets and properties, providing exceptionally good deals, financing, property management, inspection, insurance and more…

Most of these services are provided through our trusted professional affiliates and partners.

We have developed very special relationships with these professionals and companies, we trust them to provide our clients/investors with the very best services.

So my question to you today is “What’s your passion”?

Are you willing to take the risks involved and go full throttle to achieve it?

Do you really want to live a meaningful life?

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