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Which one are you?

Yesterday a new client called me out of the blue asking for help.

Apparently she and her family are looking to relocate from the east coast to one of Austin’s outskirt areas.

She told me about their dream to buy some acreage with a house and a pool and enjoy the Texan country life.

After careful consideration I told her about my business model, which is helping investors buy rental properties for long term passive income, utilizing brand new homes in quality areas for the best possible ROI (Return On Investment).

I told her that it’s very unfortunate that although my company is a Texas licensed brokerage I can’t help her with her requests since this is not my business model and that we are not specializing in home buying. I suggested that I’d refer her to one of my colleagues who is an expert in this field, so that way she and her family would get the best services possible.

She kindly thanked me for that and soon afterwards I connected her with my colleague and made sure the process was underway.

Every so often I’m witnessing professionals who tend to be “Jack of all trades” trying to serve clients with services that are not a part of their forte just to make a few more bucks in order to survive. My focus is that one should be an expert in his/ her field and have a special niche. That way your clients get a much better service and your business will be growing much faster and better.

The other alternative is probably not the best since people would realize that they are getting an unprofessional job. They will get disappointed with you and will be left with a bad taste in their mouth, resulting in ruining your reputation and hurting you and your business.

Looking back some 100 years ago, people who were seeking cure for any health issues would probably have to find doctors who would literally treat you from head to toe.

Nowadays, taking for example health issues concerning teeth, you would have a selection of a variety of dentists each specializing in different aspect of your mouth: General Dentist, Pedodontist, Pediatric, Orthodontist, Periodontist, Endodontist, Oral Pathologist, Oral Surgeon and Prosthodontist.

So which one are you identifying yourself with?

And let’s be honest, as a client which type of professional do you prefer?

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